Release and Hold Harmless


DISCLAIMER: Tyrone Farm Management Inc. (TFMI) is not responsible for any injury (or loss of property) to any person suffered while attending, competing, or in any other way involved in the equine events at Tyrone Farm for any reason whatsoever, including ordinary negligence on the part of TFMI, its officers, agents or volunteers.

Pursuant to Connecticut House Bill No. 6357 Public act No. 93286, I acknowledge the inherent risks involved in riding, working around, or being in close proximity to horses, which risks include bodily injury to either horse or person. I hereby assume the risk and further do hereby release and hold harmless TFMI, the landowners, including but not limited to TFMI, and any other volunteer or organizer from all liability for negligence resulting in accident, damage, injury or illness to myself or any family member or spectator accompanying me, and to my property, including the horse or horses which will compete at this event.

Additionally, I accept and agree to comply with the safety requirements of Tyrone Farm (TFMI) which require every rider to wear appropriate leather footwear with heels and a helmet which meets ASTM/SEI standards.

Rider's Signature

(parent or guardian if under 18 years old)