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Horseback riding in Pomfret is a long established tradition. Pomfret was settled and worked when the horse was the only means of transportation. Pomfret Horse & Trail Association wants to preserve those means.

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Pomfret Horse and Trail Association, Inc. (PHTA) is a 501-C3 nonprofit volunteer organization formed in 2007 to preserve, protect, and maintain open space and the centuries-old system of riding and hiking trails in Pomfret, Connecticut. We work closely with landowners, local land trusts, and the town to maintain access and expand trail networks. PHTA promotes responsible horseback riding practices and minimal impact trail use, holds educational clinics, and supports local land trusts and other non-profit organizations. Our goal is to preserve our rural heritage through community minded trail use, horse keeping, and riding.

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One of the most frightening things a horse owner can experience is discovering one of your horses down on the ground and unable to get up.

Learn how the Pomfret Fire Department came to the rescue of one of our member's horses.

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