Our mission includes:


• Keeping access open to equestrian

• The creation of new and connecting

• Promoting responsible use of trails

• Preserving, clearing, rebuilding and

  maintaining trails.

• Educating our members on trail
  etiquette and safety for all trail

• Facilitating communication,
  cooperation and goodwill between
  trail users and landowners

• Advocating for horse owners and

Pomfret Horse & Trail Association is proud to have supported the following organizations in 2020:

Connecticut Horse Council

Windham Tolland 4H Camp

Wyndham Land Trust

New England Forestry Foundation

Connecticut Audubon Center at

The Last Green Valley

New England Horse & Trail 

Pomfret Horse and Trail Association, Inc. (PHTA) is a nonprofit volunteer organization formed in 2007 to preserve, protect, and maintain open space and the century-old system of riding and hiking trails in Pomfret, Connecticut. We work closely with landowners, local land trusts, and the town to maintain access and expand trail networks. PHTA promotes responsible horseback riding practices and minimal impact trail use, holds educational clinics, and supports local land trusts and other non-profit organizations. Our goal is to preserve our rural heritage through community minded trail use, horse keeping, and riding.


Open land is the jewel of our town and we, as riders, have come to treasure it because we have seen it as few others have. We have the rare opportunity of saving the character of Pomfret before it's too late.


The Pomfret Horse & Trail Association's goals are threefold: to establish a presence in the community and work with the various town boards in helping to preserve, promote, and acquire open space; to create a sense of community among equestrians and townspeople; and to work toward the preservation and enhancement of our farming heritage.


The Connecticut Horse Council recommends that horses "leave no trace." That is our goal as well. Pomfret has been very horse-friendly and we as horse people want to be good neighbors. By being responsible riders, we hope that landowners will continue their generosity in allowing access to their land.


Because we traverse private property, town land and public roads on our horses, PHTA has developed trail use guide-lines that include, among others, no dogs, no smoking, riding on the edge of fields, and observing the privacy of landowners when passing close to their homes. Members can be recognized by the PHTA medallions attached to their saddles or bridles. PHTA also carries a liability insurance policy.